Emily♥ loves A Bite’s Tale

Rockin’ review! I love this girl. Made my day.

Emily♥’s review

“Wow, this book really goes to show you that it’s not about the length of a book, but about its substance. What Stephanie Meyer did in four books, Veronica Blade managed to write an even better supernatural romance, in just 165 pages. A Bite’s Tale is just simply adorable, and I can’t wait to check out anything else she puts out there! :)”

Chapter by Chapter double rave review!

Much love from Chapter by Chapter for A Bite’s Tale and From Fame to Shame. See excerpts of their rave reviews below!

On A Bite’s Tale:

“The novel started off with a ton of romance (la “awww”) between the prince in not-so-disguise and Cydney, who was then going by the name of Cinderella. Not only does it tell us just how the Prince and Cydney met, but also what happened that lead to Cydney not returning to the island that the Prince lived on. Oh! And it also opened with their first kiss. I will also add that the cuteness of the opening two chapters and the split scene of action is enough to have any reader hooked. After all of that drama we get to the really good stuff.”

“And the search and lengths that Prince Remy went to to find Cydney were just the icing on the cake in this story. Especially since almost everything that he did during the novel was revolved around being reunited with Cydney had my heart melting. Mainly because it’s just so hard to find guys like that in the real world (am I right or am I right?).”


On From Fame to Shame:

“From the start of the novella where readers get to watch as the superstar Jackie Bloom begs her twin sister (and our main character) Maddie to pretend to be her for just a little while—I was hooked!”

[Dallas] is just… perfect (I personally imagined him as Chase Crawford). Not only is he written as perfect boyfriend material, but he’s described as the perfect guy. With the perfect body and the sexiest personality, he is my official fictional celebrity boyfriend (and the first).”

I would recommend this novella to somebody who wants to experience the life of a celebrity for the day, or fans of the glitz and glam of Hollywood. An amazing quick read that I won’t soon forget.