Fab review of From Fame to Shame!

Fab review of From Fame To Shame by Turning the Pages!  To see the full review, click here!

This is a very short and sweet romance. [] About falling in love and Blade wrote it perfectly. Love isn’t always about drama and being unforgiving. Sometimes, most times love is simply about meeting someone and even when there’s a misunderstanding forgiving them.

I enjoyed both Maddie and Dallas and the chemistry between them was hot. Blade definitely has the steamy part of romance down pat. Dallas is hot and has a flirty side that comes out with Maddie. Maddie is used to be the more sedate twin, with Jackie being the outgoing and vivacious one, and Blade does a good job of showing how secure Maddie is in herself as the quieter small town girl. But that doesn’t make Maddie insecure, and she gives back to Dallas as good as she gets. For me that’s what really works in this story. Maddie doesn’t doubt herself, she doubts her decisions, and for me that made me respect her.