Raves for Single-Minded

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“Laynie is a girl who will not settle for less than she wants. I love that. No matter how much she likes her brother’s friend, Josh, she will NOT be just another girl he dates. She wants it ALL or NOTHING. Go, Laynie!
“I really admired her strength and determination. And the chemistry between Laynie and Josh had me reading faster and faster because I just had to know how it would end. Veronica Blade provides sizzling chemistry between Laynie and the guy she’s always crushed on. This is a fast-paced read that will make you root for Laynie to get everything she wants and absolutely nothing less.”

Susan Hatler

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“The third installment of the “Single Girls” series is my favorite. I love the idea of the bad boy who decides to take a chance on falling for his true love. Everything about Josh and Laynie’s story makes my toes tingle! There is nothing better than finding out the boy you’ve had a crush is crazy about you. *Sigh* Definitely worth the read!!”

Emily Horner Mcnew

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“The story continues and I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS! The girls are all such great friends and so supportive of each other. Still love Wyatt, but my new LOVE is JOSH! He is awesome! HOPING FOR MORE BOOKS IN THIS SERIES! Even though all three books are “shorts”, it is so easy to picture the story and I feel totally invested in the characters. This one is my favorite cover too! A great read for a nice “pick me up”! Reading them will make you smile :)”