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Dead Wolf Walking

Release date: Now Available!

Fleeing from home after tragedy strikes, Autumn and Zack land at a ‘safe house,’ only to discover the inhabitants are more dangerous than the werewolves they’re running from.


As we drew nearer to the mansion, not a soul was in sight. If anyone was around, they certainly kept well hidden.

“There’s something… something different about this place.” Zack studied the row of hedges that merged with a clump of trees, then stared at the building a long moment. “Just don’t know what.”

Well good. I preferred Zack on alert. Maybe this meant he was back, some part of him at least. I had Cedric Gallagher and his “different” environment to thank for it.

As soon as I opened the driver’s side door, I felt it. A strange energy not unlike my own, but definitely not shape-shifter or werewolf. What the hell were these people?

Zack arrived at my side and laced his fingers through mine as someone dropped from the roof—which was four stories up—and landed in front of us with a thud. My ribs tensed and we took an instinctive step back.

The man’s lip curled up, exposing long white fangs. “Werewolves.”

I didn’t correct him on the plural part. Better if he had no clue I was a shape-shifter who was consorting with a werewolf. My mother may have had faith in Cedric, but that didn’t mean we were safe from everyone else he associated with. Any one of them could turn us in for a reward. “We’re here to see Cedric Gallagher,” I said.

His dark blond hair skittered over his forehead when he folded his arms over his muscular chest. “For what purpose?”

I inhaled again, caught the sweet metallic scent, and it hit me. What other life form could smell so strongly of blood? Vampires, I told Zack silently. From what little I’d read in the books Zack’s father had left for him, vampires hated werewolves.

In daylight? This is not good, he said.

Yeah, like I didn’t already realize that.

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